How to beat 2048 game?

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A mathematical game, based on the simple rules of math, 2048 game is a single player game which can be played online or can also be downloaded via the App store. It has been developed by Gabriele Cirulli, an Italian web developer.

The game is considered to be one which is addictive and fun at the same time. The players are in a hurry to break their own high scores in the game. The game can be beaten only when a single tile shows a total of 2048.

Below is a guide of how to beat 2048 game:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the numbered tiles from one place to another.
  • By the use of arrow keys, two tiles with the same number will be merged and the resultant tile will display the sum of the two numbers.
  • Each time the player uses the arrow key to displace a tile, a new number is revealed in one of the empty tile spaces.
  • If the total square board is filled with numbers without one achieves 2048 on a single tile, the game is over.
  • By sliding the tiles and combining them, a resultant of 2048 should be achieved in order to win the game.

The game can be won by using a little of math, logic and algorithms. Following are the ways to beat 2048 game:

  • Slide left and right to form many 4s and 8s until one cannot slide anymore.
  • Once one has a strong base of 4s and 8s, collapse them in order to sum them up in larger numbers.
  • The top row now consists of big numbers and the base has small numbers. The upper row can now be merged with greater numbers of its kind.
  • Now one can set up their top right corner with a number such as 64 or 128.
  • Chain numbers like 64, 128 and 24 methodically in order for them to add up which will lead to the total of 2048.

In order to beat 2048 in a methodical manner, few 2048 tips have been highlighted below:

  • One should never use the up arrow key. By using the up key, all the numbers will be messed and further merging them would not be accomplished.
  • always keep the high value tiles in the top row and arrange them in a descending order from left to right.
  • do not move the highest vale tile from the right top corner once one has it positioned there.

This game exercises the brain of the player and get it to plan and analyze the next move and therefore enhances the ability of strategy making.

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